• Center for Creative Leadership; Leadership and Debate Club ProgramCenter for Creative Leadership; Leadership and Debate Club Program
    The Center for Creative Leadership’s (CCL) mission is to advance the understanding, practice and development...
  • Emerging Leaders FoundationEmerging Leaders Foundation
    ELF’s mission is to provide the highest quality leadership development through training, mentoring and exchange program for young people to ensure sustainable social...
  • GOJoven International based at the Public Health InstituteGOJoven International based at the Public Health Institute
    GOJoven’s mission is to develop and support young leaders and their organizations to advance health...
  • Women Deliver, Young Leaders ProgramWomen Deliver, Young Leaders Program
    Women Deliver is a global advocate for the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women, with a particular focus on maternal, sexual, and reproductive health and rights...
  • AfriYANAfrican Youth and Adolescent Network on Population and Development
    AfriYAN is a consultative, coordinating, and action-oriented network for youth and adolescent national organizations ...
  • PJLProjet Jeune Leader
    Projet Jeune Leader’s (PJL) mission is to improve the reproductive and sexual health knowledge and behaviors of young adolescents through a new, holistic model for middle school reproductive health ...
  • UYAFPAHUganda Youth Alliance for Family Planning and Adolescent Health
    UYAFPAH’s goal is to improve access to and acceptability of family planning and reproductive health services for adolescents and youth by using a human rights based approach. The Alliance’s overall objectives are ...
  • VYLHVolunteer Youth Leaders for Health
    The primary objective of VYLH-Philippines is to create a network of youth leaders and youth organizations in schools and communities across the Philippines that champion increasing public awareness ...
  • FHOKFamily Health Options Kenya (FHOK)
    FHOK promotes sexual and reproductive health (SRH) through engagement, leadership, advocacy, and education, for young people. FHOK is largely run by young people ...
  • GCGlobal Changemakers
    Global Changemakers’ (GC) objective is to empower youth to catalyse social change by providing them with skills, contacts, opportunities and a world-wide community of like-minded ...
  • HaceyHacey
    HACEY focuses on health and youth leadership, and trains young people in leadership, peer-to- peer coaching, and program management. HACEY is dedicated to building the capacity of young people to run evidence-based programs, make informed decisions, conduct research, and disseminate evidence about the effectiveness of their work.

About The Survey

Promote your youth leadership program and ideas by telling us about you


Are You What We Are Looking For?

  • You demonstrated positive outcomes
  • You focus on health programs for youth
  • You aim to have better health outcomes for youth through leadership
  • You develop leadership skills and knowledge of youth aged 10­ to 29
  • You provide opportunities for youth to apply their leadership skills


We Will Select Five Programs

We will select five successful leadership programs to learn more about their approach.


We Will Feature The Selected Programs On Our Blog

If you are one of them we will write about you and your approach on this website


You could be Featured in our Publications and at Conferences

The top five youth leadership programs could be highlighted on USAID’s Global Health Impact blog. We also hope to present them at several international conferences and celebrate ­the youth and organizations through print and social media.




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