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youthleadglobalWelcome to YouthLeadGlobal, a website for young people making an impact in global health. At YouthLeadGlobal, we want to hear your stories and share your knowledge which is often times overlooked. We want to change that!

On the survey section of the website, you will see that we’re conducting a global review to identify and examine effective youth leadership programs, models, and strategies from around the world. Have you been part of program that has demonstrated positive outcomes for youth, organizations, and communities, and contribute to health service delivery improvements? If so, fill out our survey and then check out the map to see where around the world others have answered from.

YouthLeadGlobal is also a Community of Practice so you can hear from other young leaders what they’re doing in global health and development. As a member of the Community of Practice, you’ll have access to events, discussion forums, videos, and publications. It’s also a platform for you to share your thoughts, ideas, and publications; we look forward to your active participation.

Why is YouthLeadGlobal important? Because young people can and will lead us to a healthier future. Young people are best poised to advocate for the needs of their peers and designing policies and programs to reach them. Around the world, young people are influencing global development agendas and community-level health service delivery. Learn more, share your story, and check back for new resources and survey results!

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  1. chioma Fidelis August 17, 2015 at 10:19 am

    i want to be of help to global health in my own capacity.

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